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Download Video Streaming on Linux

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If I am asked to name some Windows applications that I miss the most after switching to Linux, IDM (Internet Download Manager) will be the first to come to my mind. Internet Download Manager, as suggested by the name, is a download manager and perhaps the best one in the Windows platform. Having been so accustomed to IDM in Windows, I ought to find a replacement for such a useful application after switching to Linux ( since IDM works only in Windows and it doesnt work on Wine) and I found that the add-on “DownThemAll” can be a good alternative for IDM in Firefox. In today’s article, I will show you how to utilize the power of Firefox and its extensive list of available add-ons to give you the feel that you used to have with IDM in Windows.
There are 2 features that miss the most in IDM. The first one is the ability to accelerate the download speed to the fullest. To help DownThemAll get a faster download speed, you need 2 additional add-ons that will help you tweak many network and rendering settings and bypass the restriction and the limits you have in the networks when downloading files. These 2 add-ons are:
1- Download Unlimited
2 –Fasterfox Lite

After having DownThemAll and these two additional add-ons installed in Firefox, you need to edit the settings of these add-ons to maximize the download speed. First, you need to edit the settings of DownThemAll, go to the add-on configuration page of Firefox ( Tools -> Add-ons ) and click on the Preferences tab of DownThemAll. Under the Network tab, max out your Concurrent downloads and the downloads per server and under the Advanced tab in the Advanced download control, max out your Max. number of segments per download to 10. Your settings should look like the images below:

After editing these settings, you will notice a faster download speed when using DownThemAll.

The other feature of IDM that I care about is the pop-up button that will appear whenever you come across some video or audio on the internet to ask if you want to download this video or audio. Some people may find this pop-up annoying at times but to me it’s really useful. IDM allows users to download any kind of media files, from flash videos to mp3 audio files. To have this feature on Firefox, you need an add-on called FlashGot. After having FlashGot installed and restarting Firefox, whenever you come across some video or audio, there will be a FlashGot button appearing on the address bar and you just need to click on it to have the downloading option. In the image below, the FlashGot button is in the red circle:

And there you have it, an alternative for IDM that works in Linux and nearly has most of the useful features of IDM


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